St. Peter's Catholic Church  

               47 Central Avenue

             Wellsboro, PA 16901

            Phone:(570) 724-3371

              Fax:(570) 724-6322Rev. David Bechtel


          Pastor:Rev. David Bechtel 










A Parish Community of Faith, Hope, and Love

"Anyone who enters the Church enters an atmosphere of love. 

 Let no one say, 'I am a stranger here.'          

Let everyone say, 'This is my home. I am in the Church. I am in charity.

 Here I am loved.'"  Pope Paul VI


Parish Mission Statement

We, the parishioners of St. Peter's Church, are called to holiness by God as present day disciples of Jesus Christ.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are united in service to God to share our faith with one another and our community.  May our participation in the Holy Sacraments, our ministries and our devotion to Mary bring glory to God and His Kingdom.


Welcome, parishioners and visitors, to St. Peter's Web Page. We are a gifted and growing community, grateful to God for our many blessings. Our mission statement captures the essence of who we are: united in service to God to share our faith with one another and our community.

This web page is an instrument of that sharing. The pages that follow are meant not only to give you information but also to encourage you to participate in the life of the parish. Where do your God-given abilities and interests match the ministries and programs described in this web page? As Jesus said: "Come and see!"

There is a rich variety of opportunities here for you to live out the wonderful call of your baptism. Just imagine! You are the sons and daughters of God, the sisters and brothers of Jesus Christ! As you come together each week for worship, the Eucharist you receive nourishes you to take an active role in the life of our Catholic Christian Community. May this web page be a helpful guide for you in discovering your gifts for St. Peter's.

Let us continue to pray for each other.